Innovative Solutions for Smart Grid
Outage Scheduler Viewer
The web based Transmission Outage Viewer (TOV) was originally developed by eMIT LLC for an EPRI R&D project. It is a patented product, US patent No. 20090287739, and has the following main features:
  • Provide Gantt chart type outage display to enter and review update outage requests on monthly, weekly and hourly basis
  • Show a scrollable Gantt chart of all schedules for the specified time interval.
  • Display outage schedules on company basis, control area basis, zone basis or on system basis
  • Display outage schedules on facility type (generators, lines, transformers) basis or on voltage level basis
  • Display certain outaged transmission lines (tie-lines or flowgate elements) with special indications.
  • Allow user to add new outage schedules into the chart or update the existing outage schedules
  • Allow administrator to specify roles and authority for each user
  • Allow user to move outages, increase or shorten outage duration on the Gantt chart display.
  • Show outages in different colors based on voltage levels
  • Show outages in different height of Gantt chart bar according to the maximum capacity of the outage element (generator or transmission line / transformer).
  • Allow the administrator to configure the voltage level color scheme
  • Right click on an outage bar and add additional textual attributes to the schedule.
  • Implement a pre-defined outage schedule workflow process, such as approval and denial.
  • Show the processing status of each outage
  • Display load forecast curve for control area or RTO/ISO
  • Calculate and display generation / transmission reliability indices
  • Store outage schedule information in a relational database
  • Automates Utility Company's outage schedule interface with RTO/ISO
  • Import / export outages in SDX format
  • Import transmission / generation reliability indices

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